"Her coaching has been AWESOME. Heartmath works!"

Rebecca C, MD


"You have given me tools to decrease stress during clinic. You have also helped to get me on track to restore a work/ life balance. Most importantly you have made me realize that I still like to take care of patients."

Alex.V., MD

Primary Care 

"Dr Joy was just what I needed Through accountability, reframing thoughts, and encouragement to see things already present in my life that needed tending, I was able to help myself. She encouraged some accountability to put more energy into those things that fill my tank. Her style is subtle and gentle. I appreciated not being told what to do, but simply asked the right questions so that I could see more clearly what I want. With a few changes to how I frame things and letting go of things not serving me, she has helped me unleash not just a satisfaction with life that was slipping away, but an excitement for what is here and yet to come. "

Rose S. MD

Primary Care 

"I happened to see one of Bev's posts on LinkedIn at a very vulnerable time. I was feeling numbness creeping over both my professional and personal life. That same day I had asked myself, what happened to my joy? My exhaustion, felt by healthcare workers all around the world in 2020, was magnified by a long running moral injury in my leadership role. I felt ineffective and disengaged. After the first two sessions with Bev, I began to see how I lost myself, how I neglected to show myself the same compassion and consideration I gave others. The stealth way she led me to revelations was powerful to me. Through my coaching, I began to exercise more. I renewed my mindfulness around my eating habits and how stress affected them. I began carving away time from work and re-dedicating it to my family and myself. The most lasting benefit of my coaching with Bev is the reinforcement of my boundaries between work and home and my renewed focus on self -care. I believe every one's journey is a winding path, so at some point I will likely ask Bev again for more coaching as my life unfolds.."

Kelly C., MD

Hospitalist/Physician Leader 

"Sometimes when I am mentally exhausted, I don't have the patience to reason with my rambunctious teenagers. At such moments, I often speak unkind words that I very quickly regret. I had an opportunity to work one-on-one with Bev exploring ways I could stay calm when physically and mentally stressed. Coach Bev skillfully guided me through a visualization exercise where I was able to imagine the best version of myself in that situation. Through this innovative coaching method, I strove to become calm and wise like Master Yoda. Master Yoda has since become a symbol of my best self. I have printed pictures of Yoda and placed them around my house and office to remind myself of how I want to respond in a stressful situation. Coach Bev's coaching style was very effective for me. My relationship with my teens has improved as a result of her coaching."

Karmen P., MD

Pediatrician/ Physician Coach  

"I had reached a point in my career where I was not sure which path was right for me. I needed some help clarifying what success meant to me, and what I needed to do to attain it. Your coaching helped me to think deeply about each choice and imagine myself in each of the scenarios in a clearer manner. I felt you were very genuine, empathetic and authentic in your coaching."

Anon, MD


 "I wanted to thank you personally for helping me realize the previous toxic work environment i was a part of and making a change. I started at my new job, a private practice, and I am home every morning with my kids and then again by 5:15 every night. It's amazing, and truly life changing. My husband, nanny and kids have all commented that I actually am happy (and yell less- again because i'm not as stressed and actually have a better quality of life)! Your comment about thinking about what my legacy as a mom will be was monumental for me, and I greatly appreciate you asking me the hard question and also validating my feelings about my prior workplace- as they truly made me feel like I was crazy for wanting to make changes and ultimately leave."

Dr. H.