Meet Bev!

Hi, I'm Dr. Beverly Joyce. For 25+ years I have loved being a women's doctor. However, as a woman physician and a mom, I struggled to balance career and family, and I found myself feeling anxious, guilty, and inadequate pretty much all of the time. When I was at home, I was thinking about which patient might go into labor, and when I was at the hospital, I was thinking about the soccer game or school function I was missing.  The term "burned out" doesn't even begin to describe the misery I was feeling. And I felt guilty and ashamed for feeling so miserable! After all, this was the career path I chose!  But, it ended up being an unhealthy and non-sustainable way to live. 

Through coaching, therapy and some deep soul-searching, I gave up obstetrics and the crazy hours that go with it, to work part-time doing gynecologic procedures, infertility, and well-woman care.  I love coaching my patients on wellness strategies, and stress and lifestyle management, in addition to their medical conditions, especially perimenopause and menopause.   Through my expertise in women's issues and in-depth, specific training in physician coaching,  I developed a program for women physicians who may be struggling. 

The struggle is real, and is made more difficult by the expectations we place upon ourselves, the secrecy we maintain about our own physical and mental health, and the shame we feel for not being able to manage it all. 

My training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Kaiser-San Francisco residency, along with my years of clinical experience, having worked for Kaiser, Stanford and in a private independent practice, makes me uniquely qualified to discuss these different practice models with understanding and insight. As a former department chair and member of the Medical Executive Committee, I understand the responsibilities and conflicts faced by physician leaders. As a physician mom, I know the pain of feeling pulled in multiple directions. 

In addition, as part of my burnout journey,  I became a HeartMath Certified trainer. Through breathing practice and mindset, this particular set of techniques helps me manage stress and the negative effects of cortisol on the body. Unlike meditation, these techniques can be used in the moment when stress hits. They can give you a sense of "alert calm," and open the intuitive and creative channels of your mind. With regular practice, you will be able to de-stress more quickly, sleep better, be more creative, and enjoy life with a more balanced attitude. I would love to share what I know about this with you. 

And, if you are interested in learning HeartMath, you will get a free Inner Balance device to support your learning and practice. 

My Coaching Philosophy

Unlike therapy, which often revolves around your past, coaching is focused in the present and in the future.  Yes, your past is important, because it has shaped who you are, and it gives you insight into the thought patterns that you have developed as a result of your lifetime of experiences. But as we examine those thought patterns which may no longer be serving you, and may be keeping you stuck where you are, you will learn how to reframe, reorient, and move forward with  new awareness, gratitude,  intention and excitement. 

Through coaching, your life going forward will be better aligned with your values, and through this process of alignment, you will begin to take those first courageous steps on your journey to finding more joy! In a coaching relationship, unlike therapy, YOU are the expert in your life!  You will do the work! Your coach is your thought partner, and I will work WITH you, to help you explore your dreams, find new perspectives, and become the woman you always knew you could be! 

Let's Chat about your future!