Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Do you find yourself sabotaging your own efforts at success? 

What do you suppose is behind that?

In your primitive brain, you have a whole cast of characters- Your Judge, and his/her accomplice Saboteurs.  Most of these characters have been there since childhood, and have ruled how you make decisions, how you feel, and how you act. You will recognize some of them- the Controller, the Pleaser, the Hyper-Achiever, the Stickler, and many more...

These characters can make you do things you don't understand, and can make your life miserable...

until you learn how to intercept them, and develop your "Sage" powers. 

This is what the Positive Intelligence program can teach you. 

You can learn to apply Positive Intelligence, also known as mental fitness,  in your work life, your personal life, your relationships, and your goals and dreams. 

And once you learn to recognize and intercept the saboteurs, and apply the powers of the Sage, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.  Take the Saboteur Assessment to get started. Forward your results to me at Beverly@DrJoyCoaching.net . Let's chat about what you can do to intercept those saboteurs, develop your Sage powers, and develop the mental fitness you need to accomplish your goals! 

I have a limited number of spots available in Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence program for my own personal coaching clients. This is an amazing opportunity-- if you are interested, please email me right away! They won't last long! (This is a $1000 value)