The DrJoyCoaching Signature Program

The DrJoyCoaching Signature Program is a 6-month program entirely tailored to your needs.  We'll start with where you are now- what are the problems, as you see them. This may be related to career, or life in general. Then, we'll dive into your values, goals and visions for the future. We'll look at attitudes and beliefs that may be getting in your way. We'll use both sides of your brain to help you see the different paths forward to achieving your goals.  Each session will leave you with some new ways to think about your life and your future.  There will be some homework and accountability, because I want you to succeed! We'll celebrate milestones, and assess your progress along the way.  We will meet every two weeks, giving you time and opportunity to process, to use the tools you've learned, and to be creative about YOUR possibilities! Let's get you unstuck and forge a path forward toward JOY, and a more fulfilled life!