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   Are you tired of taking care of everyone else at the expense of yourself? 

Have you forgotten who you are? 

Do you yearn for a more fulfilling life?

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My name is Beverly Joyce. I've been an OBGYN for 30+ years, and I am also a coach for midlife women physicians looking to get back some spark in their lives. I burned out at the age of 50, changed my life, and am now thriving. You can read my brief burnout story, along with many other women physicians' stories, in Thriving After Burnout (described below)  My full story is recounted in my new memoir, The Birth of Joy- A Female Physician's Healing Journey through Childhood Trauma, Midlife Burnout, and the Rediscovery of Passion and Purpose.  I became a coach to help women physicians in midlife. I've been through it, and I can help you!

Advanced Praise for "The Birth of Joy- A Female Physician's Healing Journey through Childhood Trauma, Midlife Burnout, and the Rediscovery of Passion and Purpose" - available now on Amazon!

The Birth of Joy – 5 stars!
When I first saw the cover of this book, I wondered why the author would describe herself as "a female physician" instead of simply a "physician," as the title seemed to corroborate that women physicians are in a different group than men physicians. After reading it, however, I think the title is perfect. The book is a memoir; a story of the author's life, influences, experiences of despair, then positive choices and hope. It details the true story of what I would guess at least half of women physicians experience—that they are driven to give of themselves until there is nothing left until their colleagues wonder what is "wrong with them" when they are difficult to work with or have bad behavior. The assumption that a white person of privilege with access to educational opportunities and financial privilege has "nothing to complain about" is a rampant prejudice among the lay public. I encourage all readers to continue through to the end before jumping to conclusions. The first half of the book goes quickly; while initially finding the childhood anecdotes lacking detail, I later realized this brevity served to illustrate that some memories are too painful to recall and ultimately aren't needed to get to the end teachings of the story.
This book illustrates the humanity of the experience of a medical career, coupled with being a wife and mother, and the stresses leading to a lack of self-care that anyone (from any socioeconomic group or occupation) can experience when overworked to the bone as most female physicians are. Finally, it is a story of hope. The book illuminates how it can take several decades (which is "normal") for one to figure out their life path as it evolves and reveals itself to us. We have a choice in how to react or respond to the circumstances presented to us, even though it doesn't seem that way in young adulthood due to parental and societal influences. Congratulations to the author for honoring her true self, sharing compassion, finding forgiveness, and passing on knowledge. The "Reflections" questions at the end of each part are useful for all readers.

~ Michelle Wyatt, MD

5 STARS: Amazon Reviewer:  In this book of self-reflection, Dr. Joyce is both vulnerable and strong. I received the story as conversational and intimate, which might be ironic considering her self-confessed aversion to intimate conversation! Really glad to have met the author through coaching social circles, and to have the opportunity to read her story. I have no doubt she will continue to change the world in her next career chapter!

Mid-career Burnout?

  Are you overworked and fed up with your job? 

          Are you struggling to find time and energy for a self-care routine?  

                                     Do you want something different but don't know how to begin? 

Is menopause kicking your ass? 



Midlife should be a time to celebrate!  ꧂  

          It's your time to  EXPLORE, VISUALIZE, and TRANSFORM your life!


Yes, I want to design a life I love! 

What Does Resilience Look Like? 

Check out my conversations with women physicians who are strong, resilient, and going for what they want. 

Coaching Programs

The DrJoyCoaching Signature Program

The DrJoyCoaching Signature Program is a 6-month program entirely tailored to your needs and desires. Think of this as the scuba program. We go deep and we stay deep. We'll start with where you are now- what are the problems?  Where are you stuck? This may be related to your career or your personal life. Is it burnout, or just malaise?  Wouldn't you like to be excited to get up in the morning?  Let's dive into your goals and dreams!  What is your vision for your future?  We'll look at thoughts that might be getting in your way. We'll use both sides of your brain to help you see the different paths forward to achieving your goals. We look at the nitty-gritty details of how you can improve your day-to-day happiness. 

 Each session will leave you with some new ways to think about your life, your goals, your motivation, your mindset.  There will be some homework and accountability, because I want you to succeed! We'll celebrate milestones, and assess your progress along the way. 

 We will meet every 2 weeks,  giving you ample time and opportunity to process, but not so much time that things get neglected. There will be plenty of time over our time together to use the tools you've learned, and to be creative about YOUR possibilities! You will also have access to me via text or phone between sessions if needed.

Let's get you unstuck and forge a path forward toward JOY, and a more fulfilled life!

The Short Program  

 This 4-month program also gives you ample opportunity to joy-ify your life! We'll look at a few aspects of your life, and work on the ones that you feel need the most improvement right now! 

 We'll dive right into your current issues, and come up with some ideas to help you move forward immediately.  By the end of our time together, you will have keen insight into what's been keeping you from really making changes, and you will have some concrete plans to move ahead. 

If you'd like to continue coaching with me after finishing these sessions, we can discuss how to make that happen! 

Ala Carte Coaching Session

Do you prefer to explore your specific strategies for joy in one 90-minute session?  Let's get started. 

After you see how valuable this can be, you will want to sign up for a longer program.  You can apply this to the cost of a longer program.  

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Thriving After Burnout

Coauthored by 50+ women physicians who've been through burnout and are now thriving. Read their stories for inspiration and confirmation that you too can not only survive burnout, but thrive. 

Buy your copy here.  

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